Smet pioneer in equal opportunities: first woman driver hired

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Smet pioneer in equal opportunities: first woman driver hired

The job of driving a truck has always been considered a complete prerogative of the male workers, rather than of the female workers. A condition also dictated by the physical efforts that, at least in the past with historical trucks, this profession imposed. Today, fortunately, this “discrimination” of the past is disappearing and, more and more often, it is possible to meet women truckers. Theirs, in spite of everything, remains a difficult job and, in general, a difficult choice.

Dorica, being a driver today

Being a woman driver, of course, is not easy. Timetables, very often, are badly reconciled with family needs. This, however, is not a limit for many women. The Smet Group, of course, could not but be a pioneer in this too.«We want to set an example for the world of logistics and transport in Italy, with true gender equality, making it possible for women to have a profession that has always been the exclusive prerogative of men – said Domenico De Rosa, Managing Director of the Smet Group – We are sure that women will also be able to distinguish themselves in this sector, as they have been doing for some time in many other fields. Just as we are sure that the Smet Group’s workforce will have ever-greater quotas of women». For this reason, in December 2018 the company started hiring the first female driver, Dorica. After a test drive in Turin, Dorica will be employed in Pisa. We interviewed her for you.

Welcome to Smet’s family. Tell us briefly.

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«My name is Dorica Cornea, I was born in Romania, and I am 47 years old. I have a son and I am the grandmother of two children. Before becoming a driver, I worked in the body shop, in the kitchen and at a gas station. In 2003 I got my B licence and in 2007 I got my C and E licences at the European School in Empoli. Fascinated by the company, I proposed myself to Smet, which gave me the opportunity to be part of a prestigious company where I am sure that I will establish myself and I can be an example to other colleagues».
Do male or female drivers drive better?
«During my career I’ve met a lot of female and male drivers. Basically, everyone knows how to hold the steering wheel in their hands. To drive a truck, however, you need to know how to do many things. You need to know the signs, you need to know how to plan your trip, you need to know how to do minor maintenance, coordinate loading and unloading and assess whether there is any damage to the goods».


How should colleagues improve in order to make this job easier for women?
«The women drivers I’ve met very often feel superior. They could give advice, as their male colleagues often do. In my experience, a lot of colleagues have given me advice, particularly with regard to vehicle checks».

What is the main difficulty you have encountered on your journey?

«I didn’t find any particular difficulty, because the “elders” of the trade have always been available and have always given me very useful advice».