De Rosa honorary president of Poseidon 1958: ‘I want to make a contribution to an important history’

De Rosa honorary president of Poseidon 1958: ‘I want to make a contribution to an important history’

The former Cafasso tobacco factory is tinged with the garnet colour of US Poseidon 1958. This Friday, 5 January, a new era began for Paestum’s first football team, with the ceremony to confer the honorary presidency on Salerno entrepreneur Domenico De Rosa, CEO del SMET group.

Also present was Franco Alfieri, mayor of Paestum and current President of the Province of Salerno. “When there are entrepreneurs like De Rosa who choose to support a historic and emblazoned team like Poseidon, it means that we are on a winning path. Poseidon has existed since 1958, but if people are not committed, things end. SMET’s contribution will be important. If only there were more entrepreneurs like that,’ Alfieri judges.

The word is then passed to Dario Petraglia, Poseidon’s general manager, who says he will only pursue this project ‘with people willing to dedicate time and energy. I am delighted to welcome Domenico De Rosa into the Poseidon family’.

And before giving the word to the new honorary president, Antonio Mondelli, president of US Poseidon 1958, speaks. “Domenico needs no introduction and has understood, and knows, how much needs to be given to the local community. It is with great affection that I welcome him into our family. We don’t need to make Pindaric flights but to build a path that makes us and the community proud. With Domenico’s arrival, an even brighter future awaits us, and with even greater enthusiasm’.

Poseidon’s new honorary president, Domenico De Rosa, says: ‘From the moment I entered this magnificent place, I noticed a great energy. Football was always something that was far from my ideas until I grasped its extraordinarily important and human aspects. Coming into contact with you made me realise how much room for growth I also have”.

‘When I decided to come back, here where I worked,’ De Rosa continues, talking about his move to the City of Temples, ‘I did it to give dignity and importance to my roots. I decided to establish my family unit here in Paestum. Here, the municipal administration has done its utmost, for what is currently offered in Southern Italy’.

De Rosa talks about his approach to Poseidon. ‘My children have come to play here. Then, I got interested in the first team and noticed some really interesting things. This path can take us far’.

Finally, De Rosa returns to the importance of roots ‘which, for a man, are the base. I think about what I want to leave behind and where to leave it. I have already started to think in these terms. Today I have an extra responsibility because I am making a contribution to an important history, and one that must have an even more important future’. After De Rosa’s words, there is a surprise for the honorary president, who receives a video message from Iena Filippo Roma, a great friend of the SMET CEO. This was followed by testimonies from some of Poseidon’s historic supporters and the customary photos brought the evening to a close, opening a promising new chapter for Poseidon.