Personalized overseas transport solutions

Smet’s Overseas transport service in cooperation with Grimaldi Lines

Smet has got a specific overseas unit next to road and rail transport, organized by a specialized staff.

The development of international partners’network allows our customer to make import –export of goods at high level, using the following services:

  • Short sea transport FCL (Full Container Load);
  • Short sea transport LCL (Less than Container Load);
  • General Cargo;
  • Shipments flown;
  • Management and monitoring from door to port to door to door, of all the shipments;
  • Carrying out custom operations; health and veterinarians interventions based on treated products;
  • Assistance and advice in trade proceedings, organizational, insurance and customs;
  • Documents management (Letter of credit; consolar visa; certificates; etc.);
  • Shipments Tracking;
  • Special services (ADR, Exceptional transport; Express; oversize gauge; etc).