Quality and Environment

Research and development for the efficient management of the supply chain.

Reduction CO2

The Group pays particular attention to the environmental protection and to the continuous research for an improved sostainable development by means of the performance of concrete procedures.

JOURNEY Road Intermodal Reduction
Salerno Valencia 3,15 0,32 90%
Salerno Patrasso 3,93 0,21 95%
Milano Catania 2,17 0,48 78%
Salerno Tunisi 7,53 0,21 97%
Ravenna Brindisi 1,19 0,17 86%
Ravenna Catania 3,65 0,31 91%

* Surveys conducted on load of 24 tons.


The quality certifications are a starting point of a competitive corporate route. The completion of the programs for the respect of the OHSAS regulations on the ISO 14100 safety with respect to the environment witness the commitment of the group for the creation of a professional context characterized by high quality standards.

SMET has obtained the VANINI Logistics Security certificate reaching the maximum level 6, for vehicles and goods transportation.