Short sea

Personalized solutions for Road - sea transportation

Sea transportation according to Smet

Intermodal sea transportation is the right solution for goods transport based on the integration between road and sea transportation. For many years now Smet is active in the area of shipping short sea, giving to its customers all the advantages of this kind of goods transport.

In particular, Smet’s short sea transport are based on a solid system of road transport, guaranteed by the efficiency of Smet’s vehicles that are interested in pick-up and drop-off goods, from and to all the main ports of the Mediterrean Sea: Spain, Sicily, Sardinia, Greece, Tunisia, Marocco and Libya.

Furthermore sea transportation is guaranteed thanks to the consolidated partnership with Grimaldi Group. Goods are carried on the 18 ships owned by Grimaldi, along the motorways of the sea on the routes east-west and north- south. Sea Transportation shall ensure The CO2 emission and traffic reductions.