De Rosa at the Young Innovators – Business Forum: “innovating is a challenge”

De Rosa at the Young Innovators – Business Forum: “innovating is a challenge”

In an exceptional setting such as Palazzo Mezzanotte in Piazza Affari in Milan, the “Young Innovators – Business Forum”, a prestigious event of the ANGI – National Association of Young Innovators, took place on Monday 27 June. The guest parterre also included Domenico De Rosa, CEO of SMET and former member of the association’s Technical Scientific Committee led by President Gabriele Ferrieri.

De Rosa took part in the Round Table ‘Digital Entrepreneurship: how a successful business is born’ during the afternoon session of meetings between the worlds of industry, entrepreneurship and finance. All under the banner of innovation and their visions of what the future of the Italian and global economy will be.

“It was with great emotion that I took part in the Young Innovators Business Forum,” De Rosa began during his speech, “A unique event on the Italian and European scene, which aims to highlight, through the voices of some of the leading figures from the institutional, economic, entrepreneurial and corporate worlds, the main challenges of our country’s ecosystem with an overview of the main growth and development indexes, opportunities and new technological trends, future generations, and the ecological and digital transition.”

The theme of the meeting is the success model with which entrepreneurs, both young and more experienced, have built their fortunes and those of leading companies in their respective fields of interest. It is not just a question of numbers for De Rosa, who dwelt on how indispensable it is to rely on ideas, with courage and foresight.

“Nothing innovative can be created without opening it up to eccentricity and diversity,” continued the SMET CEO – “The future is already today, and the speed at which the world is moving forward requires us to be in tune with the times every single day we do business. Our history, the stories of our people, the choices we make every day tell us that innovation is a high ambition, a drive for radical change, courage and the abandonment of old habits.  Innovation is a challenge, to never be content, this is our commitment to our perpetual improvement’.