De Rosa: ‘Industry in Campania at risk of energy lockdown

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De Rosa: ‘Industry in Campania at risk of energy lockdown

SMET CEO and chairman of the ALIS Motorways of the Sea Commission, Domenico De Rosa, is back to talk about high fuel prices. After an initial alarm, launched at the beginning of October, De Rosa strongly emphasised how the mismanagement of the energy chapter in our country risks greatly damaging national and local industries.

“The risks of energy lockdowns for paper mills, furniture factories, ceramics producers, chemical manufacturers, steel mills and so on are now very high,” the SMET CEO sounded the alarm. “The list of Italian companies, and particularly those in Campania, that in these conditions are unable to plan how long they will be able to avoid production lockdowns and prevent default is a long one. The high cost of energy, driven by the exponential increase in the price of gas, is putting a strain not only on transport but also on the country’s economic recovery and the very resilience of the entire industrial system of some sectors, the most energy-intensive ones, which in the very short term fear they will have to halt their production cycles. An unavoidable point in order to get out of this critical condition that is slowly spreading is that of the energy transition.

“The energy transition is a commitment that cannot be postponed,” De Rosa strongly affirmed, “but it must be accompanied by government policies of effective support for companies that, after a dramatic pandemic, which is still in progress, are facing a real industrial revolution. We are waiting to see what the actual result will be at the end of the parliamentary procedure to assess the incisiveness and effectiveness of the State’s financial manoeuvre in terms of stimulating business development, economic revival and accompaniment in the energy transition’.