De Rosa: ‘Marebonus and Ferrobonus on the road to sustainability’

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De Rosa: ‘Marebonus and Ferrobonus on the road to sustainability’

“The discussion with the Minister of Infrastructure and Mobility was fruitful: Giovannini reiterated the strategic nature of the Motorways of the Sea, confirming that Europe too is looking with great interest at this all-Italian best practice. These were the words of Domenico De Rosa, CEO of SMET Group, during the General States of Logistics, the customary annual assembly of ALIS, the Sustainable Intermodal Logistics Association, chaired by Guido Grimaldi.

A moment of discussion that saw the participation of the Minister for Infrastructure and Sustainable Mobility, Enrico Giovannini. The head of the ministry and the CEO of SMET agreed to reiterate the importance of a more long-term stabilisation of the Marebonus and Ferrobonus, measures specifically designed to promote sustainable intermodality in the transport world and increase efficiency. “As far as incentives for the logistics sector are concerned,” said De Rosa, “Minister Giovannini confirmed the indications of stabilisation of the Marebonus and Ferrobonus measures, interventions that, he added, go in the direction of the sustainability on which the government is focusing in the present with a view to the future.

The Alis assembly was also an opportunity to address environmental sustainability issues closely linked to the bureaucratic sphere. ‘A bureaucracy that,’ De Rosa added, ‘is paralysing when it is not efficient. The government, however, has not remained silent; we have achieved something. The ecological transition is an ongoing process, but unfortunately there are no truly innovative alternative technologies. LNG, liquefied natural gas for automotive use, has increased by 862%. Electricity is still a chimera, it is in an experimental state. As far as infrastructure is concerned, on the other hand, we are still too far behind precisely because of bureaucracy, which is blocking renovation and upgrading work. In Italy there is not a single artery where the road is ordinary, only here it happens that works are not carried out at night, when traffic is at a standstill’.