De Rosa: «Road transport is the natural carrier for the country’s recovery»

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De Rosa: «Road transport is the natural carrier for the country’s recovery»

Dizzying figures that show how the logistics and transport sector is confirming its role as a driving force not only for the economy of the entire country but also for a general sense of psychological recovery. In fact, the number of kilometres travelled by heavy goods vehicles in May 2021 increased by 357.2% compared to the same month in 2020 at the height of the pandemic. A number that should not, however, be misleading. Despite the closures, it should be noted that the transport of goods and merchandise has never stopped, even during the terrible lockdown period.

This is encouraging data, which was also well received by the CEO of SMET, Domenico De Rosa: «Road haulage confirms itself as the natural carrier of economic recovery and the restart of our country, said the chairman of the Motorways of the Sea Commission of ALIS, the Sustainable Intermodal Logistics Association, who then went on to set out other data. On the average day, heavy vehicle traffic increased by 204%, while light vehicle traffic grew by 25%. This makes it clear once again that there can be no economic recovery without efficient and effective transport».

Significant numbers, which come just a few days before the three-day ALIS event, scheduled to take place in Sorrento from 1 to 3 July. Many themes will be at the centre of the debate: from the Green to the Blue Economy and sustainability. ALIS is the association for sustainability, says De Rosa forcefully. «Years ahead of the Ministry, the Association, chaired by Guido Grimaldi, has put the word sustainability in its name. We believe that being sustainable, carrying out environmentally friendly industrial policies, is an important opportunity and source of income. Doing good for us and our planet is worthwhile».

But is it always right to talk about a restart for a sector like Logistics and Transport that has never really stopped?

«The restart, from a psychological point of view, is underway and is not in doubt, concludes SMET’s CEO. The year 2020 has highlighted all the weaknesses of a fragile economic and social system. From an industrial point of view, however, I must admit that we cannot speak of a restart, since we have never stopped. I think that, humanly speaking, we have done even more than we could have done».