SMET Group launches the Smart Truck with Iveco

SMET Group launches the Smart Truck with Iveco

The first self-driving vehicle prototypes that will be part of the SMET fleet from 2023 were presented in Turin

To look at the future, sustainably and intelligently. The health emergency, the war in Ukraine and the many shake-ups in the country’s leadership, such as the latest one, reinforce every day more and more the will in the SMET Group, led by Domenico De Rosa, to face the next challenges on the environment, sustainable mobility and technological innovation with greater momentum.

It is for this reason that SMET, starting in 2023, will gradually include Iveco vehicles with different levels of autonomous driving in its fleet.

«As part of our continuous innovation programme, we are developing with IVECO Group the autonomous driving of our fleet in Europe so that the mobility of goods is increasingly safe, sustainable and with the greatest possible capacity,” said Domenico De Rosa, CEO of SMET. “From 2023 the first insertions of vehicles with different levels of autonomous driving for the new vehicles in the SMET fleet in Europe will increase safety and enable a strong technological push in the world of transport».

The prototypes were presented at the Iveco Group Days, which began on 13 July, in the presence of CEO Gerrit Marx and Chairman Luca Sra. De Rosa, as Iveco’s historical partner, was also present. There was also a large number of speakers at the event, including Annalisa Stupenengo, Chief Operations Officer, Iveco Group, Marco Liccardo, Chief Technology & Digital Officer, Francesca Greco, Power Transmission and Valvetrain Systems Engineer, Iveco Group, and Shahram Falati, Customized Sales Program Manager, Iveco.

«Alongside Iveco Group to support the company’s strategy built around the three pillars of technology, sustainability and partnership,” said De Rosa, “we are very proud to once again confirm our bond and commitment with the Iveco Group and its CEO Gerrit Marx».