Truck driver bonus, De Rosa: «I applaud the government’s manoeuvre»

Truck driver bonus, De Rosa: «I applaud the government’s manoeuvre»

SMET CEO Domenico De Rosa comments on the measure taken by the Draghi government to stem the shortage of professional figures in Campania.

With the arrival of the truck driver bonus, contained in the Milleproroghe decree, the possibility of creating jobs in critical areas such as Campania and the South in general is growing. This is why SMET’s approval of the Draghi government’s manoeuvre has come.

The truck driver bonus in practice consists of a simple voucher worth up to 2,500 euro each, which is intended to cover the costs of obtaining licences or professional qualifications for driving vehicles suitable for the transport of goods and passengers. This is an important contribution, which aims to encourage the integration process of many young people looking for work in regions with a high unemployment rate such as Campania, where SMET has its logistics headquarters.

«We applaud Parliament for a concrete measure that reaffirms the essential social function of road haulage in our country – commented Domenico De Rosa, CEO of SMET and president of the Motorways of the Sea Commission of Alis – With this significant economic support for newly licensed drivers we are finally trying to put a stop to the serious phenomenon of the shortage of professional drivers in Italy and in Campania specifically. This measure will help us compensate for a problem we have been addressing for years».

Also confirming expectations was the Deputy Minister for Infrastructure, Alessandro Morelli, who stated in an interview how the real goal is to «train at least 10 thousand new young truck drivers».

«This is excellent news, which allows us to think about the future with more serenity, especially in a region like Campania, which is experiencing difficulties both in terms of infrastructure and employment – De Rosa further emphasises, who then turns to the importance of policies shared with the Logistics and Transport sector -As SMET and as the board of ALIS, we believe that the policies of the EU member states are fundamental for growth. That is why we also want to break away from the demonisation policy that is being made of the endothermic».

«In a complex period such as the one we are currently going through – the SMET CEO clarifies – still within a global pandemic situation that has not been definitively overcome and without clear and unambiguous guidelines for the future, it would be devastating for the economy and industry to have to face the necessary energy transition on the basis of ideological choices made by European policy. Endothermic engines should not be demonised and, above all, it should be considered that their overcoming is not exclusively represented by the electric alternative».