Augmented reality and companies: Domenico De Rosa’s visions at the Metaverse Festival

Augmented reality and companies: Domenico De Rosa’s visions at the Metaverse Festival

A live video link from the 2023 Metaverse Festival with Domenico De Rosa was held on Tuesday, during which SMET’s CEO took stock of the Group’s corporate relationship with new technologies and augmented reality in the Metaverse.

Domenico De Rosa clearly explained where SMET’s digital strategy and new technological approach meet: ‘Our digital strategy has always been clear and avant-garde, with an increasingly functional technological approach. Today we are on the eve of a fundamental revolution with the Metaverse, which we have been trying to explore for a few years now in order to effectively deploy them in the interest of our customers. Some of our activities are by necessity not very intuitive, but in the reports of the services we provide we have found important points of contact from this point of view’.

An evolving technological world that SMET’s CEO wanted to bring into the company: “Our organisation is very pragmatic, so it was necessary to create different ecosystems: we didn’t upset the analogue system, but we created a breeding ground of people who were initially detached from our processes and who, with specific training, specialised in the areas of innovations as transversal resources, bringing their cultural and professional backgrounds in an excellent way. We have succeeded’.

European policy, according to De Rosa, is not realistic with respect to the needs of businesses and citizens: ‘We are certainly facing several revolutions,’ De Rosa continues. ‘Another revolution is the energy transition which, according to the visions of this European Parliament, intends to impose the demise of the endothermic engine in favour of electric vehicles. This is a utopia, especially for commercial mobility: in heavy transport it is unproductive and unsustainable for vehicles to carry only half the load. We have carried out simulations, in synergy with the University, to understand what the impact of our carbon footprint would be on the all-electric scenario in 2022 with millions of tonnes transported: twice as many vehicles would be needed on European motorways because an electric vehicle can carry about half as much freight as an internal combustion vehicle’.

Finally, Domenico De Rosa spoke about his vision of energy transition for the future: ‘The energy transition must take place with the same simplifying and advantageous logic that innovations offer us,’ he concluded. ‘I hope that the new resources will not resign themselves to living worse than their grandparents, because lately, even though I am a physiological optimist, I find it more difficult to send out optimistic messages. In today’s context, with two wars going on, it is difficult to think calmly, so I have some doubts about whether Europe is on the right track with these policies’. Watch the full speech: