De Rosa (SMET): “Control room between institutions, government and companies. Logistics is a key tool for economic development”

De Rosa (SMET): “Control room between institutions, government and companies. Logistics is a key tool for economic development”

According to ISTAT and SACE, Italy has lost 93 billion euros in exports due to delays in the logistics sector. A loss that weighs mainly on the agri-food sector, which is, in percentage terms, a key sector for southern Italy, which makes food and wine excellence its great trademark. Although the quantity of material sold is relatively stable, in fact, the value of ‘Made in Italy’ continues to grow and, pushed slightly by inflation, the trade balance and exports are increasingly important for the Italian economy. Therefore, that shortfall of 93 billion is not just a number: it must be a call to action to resolve a critical issue that profoundly affects our country’s manufacturing and economic growth.

Domenico De Rosa, CEO of the SMET Group stated that ‘logistics and transport remain the key tool for the economic development of our country. The closures of the various crossings pose a serious threat to Italian manufacturing and national economic growth’.

The SMET CEO’s proposal is to have ‘a continuous and joint control room between institutions, government and companies, for a rapid normalisation without jumping from one emergency situation to another’.

Strategic planning and decisive action thus go hand in hand, and it is increasingly urgent to find efficient logistics solutions and support initiatives that aim to improve the country’s entire transport system. SMET’s mission is precisely to create a transport system that is an engine of growth and competitiveness for Italy’s future. The ISTAT and SACE report shows how intermodality is still not very widespread in Italy.

It is precisely Domenico De Rosa who is making the development of intermodal transport one of his workhorses, and he issues a strong and decisive warning regarding Salerno and the whole of Campania as a fundamental element from which to start again. “We cannot afford to miss the opportunity to make the most of Salerno’s harbor, which, I would like to remind you, represents the leading industry for our entire province (and not only). We must attract as much traffic to our harbor as possible. This is only possible by ensuring greater efficiency for ship owners and operators. Otherwise, the numbers will always be shrinking and we will see the statistics relegate us to the bottom of the charts of national harbors.

The entrepreneur from Salerno, thanks to his wide-ranging, 360-degree vision on logistics (and on all the socio-economic relations that revolve around the world of transport), is ensuring that SMET Logistics will establish itself as an increasingly innovative reality and as a key player in the development and progress of the sector.