De Rosa: «Finally transporters have the right priority on vaccines»

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De Rosa: «Finally transporters have the right priority on vaccines»

After a year waiting finally comes the news that the entire Logistics and Transport sector was waiting for: the vaccination for transporters. Domenico De Rosa, CEO of SMET and chairman of the Motorways of the Sea Commission of ALIS, expressed his satisfaction with the inclusion of the categories with priority by the Draghi government.

«At last we can breathe enthusiasm again, said De Rosa, and the will to live that underpins any economic model, thanks to the effectiveness of the vaccination campaign implemented by General Figliuolo and the Draghi government. Only mass vaccination guarantees the effective recovery of society and thus of the economy».

In recent months, De Rosa had already stressed the urgency of a measure that would give peace of mind to transporters, who are in daily contact with many people, exponentially increasing the risk of contagion. Although Smet has always done its utmost to provide all the necessary anti-contagious safety measures and PPE, the fear of the hauliers, who never stopped even during last year’s lockdown, increased as the days went by.

«The hauliers have finally been able to start vaccinating themselves as a priority category on a regular basis, De Rosa continues. This represents a condition of greater serenity for all those who have never stopped during this year’s lockdown and whose efforts have enabled the public to stay at home without suffering the additional constraint of not finding the necessary goods in the shops or delivered directly to their homes».