De Rosa: «Good investments, but room for infrastructure»

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De Rosa: «Good investments, but room for infrastructure»

«We learn with satisfaction that the PNRR allocates 380 million euros to the ports of Naples and Salerno. The strategic objective is to improve the quality of port services: we are certain that the financing of works already underway will give a strong boost to intermodal transport, allowing the berthing of ever larger ships, such as the new 500 trailer units of the Grimaldi Group».

Commenting on the news concerning the ports of Campania is Domenico De Rosa, CEO of the SMET Group, Europe’s leading intermodal logistics operator, and Chairman of the Motorways of the Sea Commission of ALIS, the Sustainable Intermodal Logistics Association chaired by Guido Grimaldi. Among the most urgent works identified by PNRR are the extension of the breakwater in Naples, dredging in Salerno, and the electrification of the quays in both ports. But Domenico De Rosa looks beyond this and draws attention to the state of disrepair of Italy’s infrastructure.

An efficient port must be connected to the rest of the country by a modern and equally efficient infrastructure network,” comments SMET’s CEO. «The current situation of Italy’s motorways is there for all to see: as of today there is not a single stretch of motorway in Italy that is free of works and ghost construction sites, with serious restrictions on the movement of people and goods. We must not forget that the modernisation of infrastructure is the country’s real priority».
He concludes: «We would like to see an immediate suspension of the motorway toll as long as the free movement of people and goods is hampered by the constant presence of construction sites. This would be a gesture of great responsibility on the part of the operators».

Fonte: Ferpress