Domenico De Rosa sums up 2020 and takes stock for 2021

intervista de rosa 2021

Domenico De Rosa sums up 2020 and takes stock for 2021

As usual, also for 2021, the CEO of SMET Group, Domenico De Rosa, took stock of the year just ended. Between the difficulties related to the pandemic and the planning activity to face the new year in the best way, SMET Group is already working to face this new challenge.

This has been a special year, we are facing an exceptional closure of the year to say the least. What are the points and stages of 2020, defined by Time as a horrible year, from your perspective as a man and as CEO of SMET Group.

«Certainly 2020 will be remembered as a year of transition. I personally don’t think of it as a horrible year. Certainly a year that was marked by important human losses that leave a great pain in each of us. From a social point of view, it was characterized by the phenomenon of physical distancing which led to a transformation of our habits and customs. Certainly, it was also a year of great awareness: each of us made an examination of our personal and business activities and was able to draw from the difficulty many lessons about what was more important to preserve than what was superfluous. Personally, and from the management point of view of our group, we tried to make an important critical analysis and, by doing so, we preserved the most important aspects, we strengthened them in a significant way ready for a major relaunch in 2021. We have certainly had some phases of great concern, but these have been faced with the serenity of those who have done well in past years. So we proceeded with great lucidity to evaluate all the negative aspects and projected the positive characteristics that we had already acquired in the past. On the basis of this we were able to make some reflections and projections for next year».

Quali sono stati i momenti più importanti che il suo gruppo ha dovuto affrontare nel 2020. Con quali strumenti è riuscito a superare le fasi drammatiche dei lockdown di marzo e aprile.

«What happened from February onward when we will have to tell future generations about it will be something complicated. Wanting to make a similarity with a Formula 1 race, it is as if we had seen the insertion of a safety car, which blocked all the regular course of our daily life and our economic-business life. This of course did not only affect us, but the whole planet. With respect to what is not known, reactions are not always usual reactions either. We have tried to refer to our values of simplicity, lean and simple organizations and we have succeeded, working around our principles, in preserving the vital organs of our company and our activities. Of course, the first element was to preserve the health of our workers and to allow them to be able to contribute without leaving anything to chance with respect to protection from this invisible enemy of ours which is, precisely, this virus, COVID-19, now sadly infamous. It has usually been said that this was a real war: I would like to say that we do not consider it a war, because ours is an invisible enemy and therefore it is something extraordinarily powerful in the defense of health, of economic principles that must be reversed in terms of priorities. This has served a bit everyone to make ethical and moral reflections».