LNG, inauguration of the first petrol station in southern Italy

LNG, inauguration of the first petrol station in southern Italy

The re-fuelling of LNG vehicles, from 21 June 2018, will be easier also in southern Italy. In fact, on the first day of summer, the LNG filling station was inaugurated in the service area of Baronissi est, along the Salerno – Reggio Calabria highway. The plant, strongly supported by Iveco and Mecar, will further promote sustainable transport.

The LNG filling station at Baronissi est

The inauguration of the first LNG filling station in southern Italy is an essential step towards sustainable logistics. The new plant is able to supply commercial vehicles fuelled by liquefied natural gas, the so-called LNG. The new filling station, however, is not only the place where the “full” can be carried out. Located in a strategic area of the main routes, the filling station is equipped with every comfort for hauliers.
In fact, ample parking spaces are available for users to park their vehicles. In addition, the structure has provided for the presence of bathrooms and showers, to allow the refreshment of the same. The area dedicated to the re-fuelling of LNG vehicles has been specially designed and provides for the presence of authorized personnel for this type of re-fuelling.

The presence of Smet’s Iveco Stralis LNG at the opening event


The importance of the event was underlined, among other things, by the presence of major players in logistics in southern Italy. Among these also Smet logistics, in the person of the managing director Domenico De Rosa. In recent days, Smet’s CEO had applauded the initiative that sees the company at the heart of the strategy of sustainable transport: “The Smet group is a clear example: we have always tried to honor with the utmost respect for the environment that surrounds us. Natural gas is the most ecological fuel, because it almost completely eliminates air pollutants,” he explains. In this sense, for some time now the De Rosa family company has been acquiring a large fleet of Iveco Stralis LNG. “I hope that we can soon increase the LNG network – continues De Rosa – whose lack of capillarity is, without a doubt, a deterrent to the green turn for many operators in our sector.”

The distributors of the Galdieri Petroli network

The Galdieri family, owner of the company C. Galdieri & Figli, has been operating in the sector of oil products and lubricants for motor vehicles for about 60 years. In recent years, the company has placed its supply systems in the areas of greatest strategic interest, from a commercial, cultural and tourist point of view. In particular, at present, the company owns nine plants: three in Fisciano, near the University of Salerno, two in Salerno, one in Agropoli, one in Mercato San Severino, one in Castel San Giorgio and, the last one, in Pontecagnano, near the airport of Salerno – Amalfi Coast.