Smet Go Live: the app that allows to save kilometers

smet go live

Smet Go Live: the app that allows to save kilometers

An app to reduce inefficiencies. This is Smet Go Live, the application developed by the company’s technical department, to reduce the number of empty kilometres travelled by the company’s fleet. According to initial estimates, thanks to the application, in just one year the vehicles will cover about 1-1.5 million kilometres, with a clear reduction in polluting emissions.

Smet Go Live, to reduce empty kilometres

From now on, with each new transport mission commissioned, the operators of the traffic office at all company sites will consult Smet Go Live. Thanks to this, the operators will be able to identify the most suitable vehicle for the mission, among the more than 1.200 vehicles in the company fleet. This research will take into account the type of equipment of the vehicle, its position and the remaining driving hours of the driver.
According to initial calculations made by the offices, this will save from 1 million to 1.5 million kilometres on the approximately 3.5 million kilometres travelled empty by the vehicles. Currently, in fact, the entire company fleet covers 120.000 kilometers daily, which, within a year, corresponds to about 144 million kilometers. By reducing the number of empty kilometres, the company aims to save about 1 million euros, enough to repay the costs necessary to develop the application. At present, in fact, the investment has cost 400 thousand euros and required 18 months of work. More importantly, however, this investment will further reduce the emission of pollutants into the atmosphere and, in particular, CO2.

Smet also says goodbye to paper

That’s not the only thing that’s new. Thanks to Smet Go Live, in fact, from now on the company will also be able to do without paper. In particular, dematerialisation will cover all the documentation required for transport. The driver, equipped with a palmtop, can now digitally sign the loading and unloading documents. In this way, about 600 thousand documents will be digitalized, producing a saving of quintals of paper and, therefore, of trees used for the production of paper.
After the diversification of the fleet of vehicles, which will lead the company, by 2022, to equip itself with an entire fleet of diesel-free vehicles, Smet‘s commitment to making transport increasingly sustainable continues. The objective, as also declared by the managing director, Domenico De Rosa, is to limit the distance by road as much as possible, as demonstrated by the increasing development of intermodal transport.