Smet Logistics receives the Grimaldi Excellence Awards 2019

Smet Logistics receives the Grimaldi Excellence Awards 2019

Smet logistics was awarded the Grimaldi Excellence Awards 2019 on the occasion of the XXIII Euro-Med Convention from Land to Sea. This is the award that the Grimaldi Group assigns to the best partners of the group, precisely on the occasion of the annual meeting promoting short sea shipping.

Smet receives the Grimaldi Excellence Awards 2019

The award ceremony was held last October 4, at the Giardini Naxos in Taormina, in front of more than 400 delegates, including those from the International Maritime Organization, the Italian European institutions, the maritime and port authorities, as well as the logistics managers of the major European multinationals. The award was presented to Smet Logistic’s managing director, Domenico De Rosa, by Grimaldi’s president Guido Grimaldi himself.

«We are proud of this prestigious award given to our Group in the presence of the whole world of sustainable logistics, in Taormina – commented Domenico De Rosa on the sidelines – and we are increasingly determined to pursue our environmental policies of modal conversion of transport flows of our customers, which we thank once again for the trust they show us every day».  The award in fact represents a further confirmation of how much, by now, Smet has become a reality of reference in the field of transport.

The XXIII Euro-Med Convention from Land to Sea

The international summit organized by the Grimaldi Group, now in its twenty-third edition, is the event that involves all the most important players in the transport and logistics sector. The aim of the XXIII Euro Med Convention from Land to Sea this year was to discuss topics such as energy efficiency, environmental sustainability and the opportunities offered by intermodal transport and short sea shipping.

Themes that arise directly from the important investments that the Grimaldi Group has made to promote decarbonisation policies to protect the environment. Policies aimed at adapting the Group to the new regulations on emissions, IMO 2020. According to this, from 1 January 2020, ships can no longer have sulphur emissions greater than 0.5%. In this sense, 101 ships of the Grimaldi fleet out of a total of 130 have already been equipped with an exhaust gas purification system. The remaining ships, on the other hand, will be powered by clean fuels from 2020, which will further reduce emissions. Not to mention, of course, the order of 17 ships, already in line with the latest regulations on emissions.