Smet, looking for 100 “sustainable” drivers


Smet, looking for 100 “sustainable” drivers

«The intermodal model is the driving force behind increased employment in the transport sector. The job of the truck driver has changed. Now you can drive within a radius of 500 kilometres. Goods travel not only by road, but also by train, ship and plane. We intend to hire 100 drivers who, in addition to their technical skills, are also familiar with digital technology». Domenico De Rosa, Managing Director of the Smet Group – founded in Salerno 70 years ago – proudly tells the story of his company, one of the most important in the panorama of integrated logistics in Italy and Europe. With a turnover of over 260 million euros, it has a total vehicle fleet of over 3,500 loading units and 900 tractors and employs 1,600 people, including direct and indirect employees. Recently, SMET also hired her first female driver. In addition to the branches in Rome and Salerno, there are 25 other branches located throughout the peninsula and in Spain, Portugal, Belgium, France, Germany, Greece, Romania, Tunisia and Malta. Three generations of De Rosa have been at the helm of the company.

The Group is currently at the forefront of the use of innovative, sustainable and safe modes of transport, with a view to a policy of decarbonising road transport. In fact, it is one of the pioneers, at European level, in the use of the latest generation of Eco Truck vehicles powered by LNG (Liquid Natural Gas), which are increasingly effective not only in terms of environmental sustainability but also in terms of vehicle performance. On the basis of the indications provided by the European Union with the objective of reducing carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere by 30% by 2030, the company also makes a significant contribution to the development of intermodality, which makes it possible to combine road transport with other less polluting modes of transport. In this sense, the impulse given to intermodal maritime transport at European level – in partnership with the Grimaldi Group – has been particularly decisive, especially in regards to the routes of the Mediterranean Sea and the Baltic Sea.

Smet Group’s commitment to environmental sustainability is finally reflected in the active role played by the company in the foundation of Alis: the Logistics Association of Sustainable Mobility, born from the desire to promote intermodal transport in Italy, making known the advantages to Italian companies operating in the road haulage sector. But above all with the establishment of the first professional school dedicated to the training of sustainable drivers. The training courses are offered free of charge to all under 35, with the aim of bringing young people closer to a professional figure that, in the coming years, will be increasingly important for companies operating in the transport sector. «We are the pioneers of sustainable transport in our country, thanks to the partnership with Mecar Iveco that has allowed us to equip our fleet with an increasing number of Eco Trucks powered by LNG – explains the Managing Director. “For some time I had in mind a training initiative that could have a very positive impact from the point of view of youth employment: those who attend these courses will in fact face the labor market with specialist skills, which increasingly require a specific professionalism in driving the new Eco Trucks. The job opportunities will be interesting, starting with our company, which by 2022 will operate exclusively with alternative traction vehicles».

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