The truck, thanks to Smet, has stopped in Salerno

The truck, thanks to Smet, has stopped in Salerno

In 2018, the province of Salerno registered as many trucks as those registered in the whole of Tuscany.
The province of Salerno alone registers the same number of trucks as the entire region of Tuscany, more than Puglia and not far from the result of Sicily. The data from the Motor Vehicles Authority say this: in 2018, in the province of Salerno, as many as 1,114 trucks were registered above 3.5 tons, of which 994 with a total mass of 16 tons or more. A growth of 27.8% compared to the previous year, when only 778 trucks were registered.

The province of Salerno registers as the entire region of Campania

Taken in absolute, probably, the number of trucks registered in a year in Salerno does not say much. However, in order to understand the extent of the phenomenon, it is sufficient to compare them with those of neighbouring countries. For example, in the whole territory of the Campania region, 2,407 lorries with a mass greater than or equal to 3.5 tonnes have been registered. In other words, almost half of the heavy vehicles newly registered in Campania have a Salerno plate. Even more sensational, then, is the comparison with other regions: in Puglia, for example, were registered only 947 units, well below the result achieved in the province of Salerno alone. In Tuscany, where the figure closest to that of Salerno is recorded, 1,287 trucks were registered. In Sicily, where there was a slightly higher result than in Tuscany, 1,331 heavy vehicles were registered.

The number of commercial vehicles is also growing

These data are not random. This is also demonstrated by the numbers of the car park with Salerno plate circulating. In 2018, in fact, there were 94,293 industrial vehicles registered in Salerno and province area. Of these, 7,240 were road tractors and tractors, while 13,334 were trailers and semi-trailers with mass over 3.5 tons. Not only heavy vehicles, however, because also the number of commercial vehicles grows in the province of Salerno, in step with the industrial vehicles.

Smet driving Salerno’s growth

A result achieved by the province of Salerno, which has been possible also and above all thanks to the commitment of companies such as Smet Logistics. In fact, in the company now led by Domenico De Rosa, the focus is firmly on environmental sustainability. It is no coincidence that Smet has been one of the first companies to adopt road tractors powered by liquid natural gas. The commitment in this sense, as repeatedly stated, will continue in the years to come, until 2023 when the company will only buy vehicles with alternative traction.