«Truck drivers? They call them heroes but they still travel without vaccine».

«Truck drivers? They call them heroes but they still travel without vaccine».

Always on the road, on a vehicle, ready to deliver up and down the boot to beyond the Alps basic necessities, food, medicines and raw materials for industry. And yet, despite being among the protagonists of the vast vaccination campaign, lorry drivers have yet to experience the benefits of the protection this can give.

Smet’s CEO, Domenico De Rosa, returns to talk about the subject. Back in the begininning of 2021, as soon as talk of vaccines began, he launched an appeal to the then Conte government to prioritise a category that is an easy target for the virus.

«These last two months have brought us news of the Draghi government and with it the concrete expectation of a change of pace towards the exit from the tunnel of continuous and increasingly stringent restrictions on personal and economic freedom due to the trend of Covid-19 infections,” says De Rosa, Fortunately, during this unforgettable year for each one of us, we have had universal recognition from the public that seems to have magically discovered for the first time that all the goods, products and whatever else you need every day, travel in a truckload regularly to their destination. But despite the fact that the drivers have been recognised as heroes, after having dedicated specials and even government spots on television to them, they have still not been included in Italy among the categories to be vaccinated as a priority, despite the fact that the sector has been recognised as highly strategic and the transport service as of public utility to guarantee the safety of our country».

The reference goes to the new Prime Minister Draghi who, since the first days of his inauguration, has woven the praises of the Logistics and Transport sector, defining them indispensable, while the Ministry of Transport (before it changed its name) sent spots on national networks to say “Thank you” to the category. Praise and television moments which, however, have not yet received the longed-for practical act.

«Our request is still the same – concludes De Rosa – let’s not treat them as heroes without real honours but rather treat them as drivers and guarantee them the appropriate conditions to work safely and with dignity, so that they can continue to ensure the regular daily supply of goods for the entire population with dignity – For the vaccination plan we have understood the usual carelessness that has again touched the category but now it should be done quickly and deal with the plan with seriousness and professionalism».