A new fleet of sustainable vehicles for De Rosa’s Smet

Smet is equipping itself with a new fleet of ecological means of transport. Thanks to the three-year plan developed by the company led by Luigi De Rosa and Iveco, and also thanks to the dealer Iveco Mecar, the integrated logistics company in Salerno led by the De Rosa family has started the acquisition of 330 Iveco Stralis.

Smet’s new ecological fleet

Those that will be bought by Smet, however, are not just Iveco Stralis. These are the newest vehicles in LGN, liquefied natural gas. It is a special feeding technology, which guarantees a reduced quantity of emissions into the environment. The new vehicles ordered by Smet are equipped with an Iveco Cursor 8 C-LGN Euro 6 330 hp engine. The engine system is also equipped with an LGN cryogenic tank with a 510-litre capacity and 4 CNG cylinders with a total volume of 70 litres. All in all, the range of these new Stralis tanks exceeds 750 kilometres, making them perfect for medium and long-distance use.

The novelty, however, lies in the reduced environmental impact that these vehicles have. Each of them manages to reduce the amount of particulate emissions by 95%, compared to an equivalent diesel engine. In addition, the new Iveco Stralis LGN also reduces nitrogen oxide emissions by 35% and carbon dioxide emissions by 10%. If the Stralis are then powered by bio-methane, CO2 emissions can be reduced by up to 100%.

Smet’s attention to the environment

The low environmental impact that the new Iveco Stralis allow us to achieve is a step in the direction that Smet has always followed in its history. Since its foundation, the company’s sole director, Luigi De Rosa, has always focused on the environment.

For this reason, together with the Stralis fuelled by liquefied gas, Smet logistics and transport will also receive the new Stralis equipped with the new Iveco Cursor 11 engine, Euro 6. A 480 hp engine equipped with the innovative HI-SCR catalytic reduction system. This is a technology recently introduced by Iveco, which allows emissions to be brought into line with Euro 6 standards without the addition of complex components that would weigh down the vehicle.

In this way, Smet continues to focus on sustainable logistics and sustainable transport. Smet, together with the De Rosa family, has always focused its attention on environmental protection. It is no coincidence that in 2016 the company received an award for reducing carbon dioxide emissions into the air. Thanks to the ecological solutions adopted by De Rosa’s Smet, the company has reduced its CO2 emissions by 19.710 tons.