Here is Iveco S-Way: the novelties of Iveco’s new “heavy” version

iveco s-way

Here is Iveco S-Way: the novelties of Iveco’s new “heavy” version

Iveco S-Way is the new heavy-duty vehicle of the CNH Industrial group, the spearhead of the new range of home vehicles presented on July 2, 2019 in Madrid. With S-Way, the heir to Iveco Stralis, the manufacturer has taken the first steps in the direction of its technological revolution.

Iveco S-Way, the revolution of CNH Industrial

The innovations that Iveco has introduced this time are remarkable and clearly visible from the first glance. The new Iveco S-Way, which will soon be joined by X-Way for the shipyards and T-Way for the off-road, is immediately distinguished by the “muscular” style of the new front end. In the style of Iveco’s new heavy vehicle, a great deal of work has been done to make aerodynamic flows more efficient. This work, in the end, reduced the penetration coefficient by 12% compared to its predecessor. Let’s see in detail what are the new features introduced in the new S-Way.

The new Iveco S-Way cabin

The new S-Way cabin has been completely redesigned to make it more responsive to the needs of drivers. Iveco’s designers’ objective was to improve the driver’s living and working conditions. For example, the interior height now reaches 2,150 millimetres and, thanks to the slightly higher position of the cabin, the overall dimensions of the central tunnel have also been reduced. The driver’s seat has been slightly lowered to improve the padding. The steering wheel has also been modified to a lower cut-off position, so as to avoid any encumbrances on the legs. On it, 22 controls have been arranged, allowing almost every function of the vehicle to be easily controlled.

A more aerodynamic design for S-Way

Iveco S-Way‘s new cabin design has been redesigned to improve aerodynamic efficiency and safety. The new cabin design optimises the vehicle’s aerodynamic efficiency, all to the benefit of the vehicle’s profitability. In this sense, for example, the strips of the new radiator grille are more in tune with the airflow. The perfectly integrated lights reduce turbulence, as does the windscreen cleaning system. Thanks to these and other aerodynamic solutions adopted, it has been possible to reduce the penetration coefficient by 12% and fuel consumption by up to 4%, clearly resulting in a reduction in total cost of ownership.


A great deal of work has also been done in terms of safety, providing S-Way with a reinforced structure, which improves driver safety. A great deal of work has also been done to improve visibility in all driving conditions and in all directions, all to the benefit of safety.

The sustainability of the new Iveco

The work to improve the aerodynamic efficiency of Iveco S-Way, after the design, has continued also in the engine field. The reduction in fuel consumption was therefore accompanied by a reduction in PM, NOx and CO2 emissions. This was made possible by the installation of the exclusive HI-SCR after-treatment system, the Hi-Tronix transmission and other solutions to reduce fuel consumption, such as Smart EGR.

iveco s-way natural power

For those who want it, there is also the possibility of choosing a Natural Power engine. Thanks to its 460 hp engine powered by liquid natural gas, the Iveco S-Way Natural Power can travel up to 1,600 kilometres. Thanks to this choice, it is possible to reduce particulate emissions by 99%, 90% of NO2 and 95% of CO2 compared to diesel.

Iveco Way, the new truck always connected

Among the main novelties introduced with Iveco S-Way, the manufacturer soon has also the innovative Connectivity Box. It is a connection device that allows data to be collected, processed and exchanged in real time. The platform on which they travel, designed in collaboration with Microsoft, also provides secure data storage and management.

Drivers will also be able to constantly connect to their vehicle, using a mobile device or computer, thanks to the MyIveco app and online portal. In this way, in addition to obtaining information to improve their driving style, logistics operators can also improve the profitability of their fleet, maximizing the uptime of the vehicles.

Iveco Way, the “customer centric”

The new range of Iveco Way vehicles, among other things, represents a change of approach on the part of the manufacturer. The new philosophy of the company, in fact, aims to put the user at the center. The “customer centric” approach offers a series of solutions dedicated to the customer, able to take care of the vehicle during every phase of its life. This, in turn, improves the driver’s experience on board the vehicle.

Iveco S-Way is immediately part of Smet’s fleet

smet s-way

The new Iveco S-Way will immediately join Smet‘s fleet. Our company, which has always been a pioneer in the road haulage sector, will be among the first to receive the new vehicle, which will start operating on European motorways from 2020. Our S-Way will be decorated with a new and distinctive livery and under the body, in line with our environmental sustainability protocol, will run the engine powered by liquid natural gas, able to reduce emissions harmful to the environment. Our company will thus continue along the path that, by 2022, will lead it to have a fully diesel-free fleet.