New Iveco Stralis: we discover the new Iveco truck

Owning a truck, for many, is just the need for a profession. For others, however, it takes on the shape of a dream. If this truck, then, takes the name of New Iveco Stralis, then, the dream can become a fantastic reality. Let’s look in depth at the new Stralis, its features and versions.

New Iveco Stralis: technology to reduce fuel consumption

iveco stralis

The New Iveco Stralis has been revised in many respects. The new Iveco Stralis has been fitted with a lot of technology to reduce fuel consumption and emissions. The new engines, the new gearbox and the integrated traction system that uses GPS to select the best ratio all contribute to this.

Cursor 11 and Cursor 13: the engines of the New Iveco Stralis

The Stralis Nuovo offers a wide range of engines, which cover all needs. In all, the engines of the new Iveco include 3 displacements, ranging from 310 to 570 hp. With these new engines, the New Iveco Stralis has further improved efficiency: the new Cursor 11, with a displacement of 11 litres, has gained 100 Nm of torque in the 420 hp version and 50 Nm in the 480 hp version. The 13-litre Cursor 13 is now available in 510 and 570 hp versions.
Also new is the powertrain, which transfers the motion from the propulsion units to the tyres. In particular, Iveco engineers focused on the rear axle, which was designed completely from scratch. Thanks to the single reduction and the new gear geometry, the New Stralis is able to reduce fuel consumption and emissions.

Auxiliary systems to reduce fuel consumption and emissions

As mentioned, the new Iveco Stralis have been equipped with a lot of technology to reduce fuel consumption and emissions as much as possible. These include the innovative Smart EGR system, which optimizes the injection phase by increasing peak pressure in the cylinders and increasing combustion efficiency. The new auxiliary systems also prevent unnecessary energy loss by disabling the operation of the friction compressor, air handling units, alternator for energy recovery and thanks to the variable displacement steering pump. In addition to these, the new Stralis is also equipped with an anti-idling device that automatically stops the engine after a certain amount of idle time.

The HI-TRONIX transmission and the integrated HI-CRUISE traction system

The new HI-TRONIX gearbox and the new integrated HI-CRUISE transmission system also contribute to the reduction in operating costs of Iveco Stralis Nuovo. The first is an automatic transmission and electronic twelve-speed clutch. According to Iveco’s engineers, the HI-TRONIX offers the best ratio range in its class (16.7). Its efficiency, according to the parent company’s data, is up to 99.7%, while still guaranteeing one of the best torque-to-weight ratios.

In addition to this, the Iveco Stralis is also equipped with a new integrated traction system. This is HI-CRUISE, a transmission based on GPS technology, which, thanks to predictive systems, helps to select the best gear. In addition, thanks to the ECOSWITCH parameters, which allow the cruise control speed to be set and the torque limiter to be set, it is possible to achieve a further reduction in fuel consumption. Last but not least, the new traction system also ensures great driving comfort.

Versions of the New Iveco Stralis

The new Iveco Stralis, according to the intentions of the parent company, is intended to be a vehicle with high performance, productivity and profitability. For this reason, two versions have been developed:

  1. New Iveco Stralis: suitable for regional and urban routes;
  2. New Stralis XP: designed for long-haul routes.

The New Iveco Stralis: champion of short term missions

The New Iveco Stralis has been designed specifically for short distances, in particular for urban and regional routes. For all these short missions, Iveco Stralis guarantees an excellent compromise between consumption and transport needs. Iveco Stralis, supported by high performance engines, thanks to the HI-STREET and HI-ROAD cabins is also suitable for construction activities.

Iveco Stralis XP: the vehicle for long missions

iveco stralis xp

On the other hand, Iveco Stralis XP is perfect on long distances. All the systems it is equipped with allow consumption to be optimized and emissions to be reduced at the same time. This is important for companies like De Rosa’s Smet that want to invest in the environment. It is on the basis of the Stralis XP that Abarth has built the new Iveco Stralis Abarth: an icon capable of making all lovers of the Scorpione’s home fall in love.