IVECO S-Way TurboStar Special Edition: the king returns to roar on the road

iveco s-way turbostar

IVECO S-Way TurboStar Special Edition: the king returns to roar on the road

IVECO, a leading manufacturer of commercial and industrial vehicles since 1975, presented the IVECO S-Way TurboStar Special Edition, an edition dedicated to the company’s legend, an iconic truck of road transport during the 1980s and beyond: IVECO TurboStar.

Dedicated to all nostalgics, this new version of the IVECO S-Way brings together past and present in a model that combines the vintage look of the TurboStar with the innovation achieved in recent years by the company. The IVECO S-Way TurboStar Special Edition is therefore much more than a retro styled truck, it is a functional vehicle that offers today’s technology combined with yesterday’s class.

IVECO S-Way TurboStar, between history and values

Born from the union of five companies located in three European countries (Italy, France and Germany), IVECO has its roots in a partnership that immediately represents the importance given to the value of collaboration and internationality. Today, the world’s leading road transport company is present in 160 countries around the world, where it provides sales and service for light, medium and heavy industrial vehicles. The offer proposed is in continuous renewal and is a guarantee of quality and avant-garde, with its modern engine technologies (such as biofuels, hybrid technologies or electric propulsion) and attentive to sustainability (compressed or liquefied natural gas). The objective has always been to satisfy the customer and his needs, and it is precisely driven by this desire that IVECO has decided to give new life to the TurboStar through the special edition of the IVECO S-Way TurboStar.

The features of the new IVECO S-Way TurboStar

Today, the truck that has remained in history is back on the road in the guise of the new IVECO S-Way TurboStar Special Edition, a new model unveiled in Misano on the occasion of the 2021 Grand Prix Truck of Italy. Thanks to innovation-driven work, the new model is equipped with a 570-hp Cursor 13 engine, a redesigned chassis designed with strength and mounting versatility in mind, full-LED headlights, Driving Style Evaluation and Driver attention support, self-adjusting climate control, integrated tire pressure gauge, parking cooler, Hi-Tronix 12-speed automated transmission, and top and side spoilers. The special edition is also accessorized with 4G Connectivity box, Infotainment with navigation and IVECO Driver Pal, as well as the IVECO Hi-Cruise predictive driving system. On the outside, the S-Way TurboStar Special Edition takes the classic colors of the TurboStar and reinterprets them in a modern key, just as the three-band stripes along the cab have been taken up, adapting them to the shapes of the new S-Way.

As far as the interior is concerned, the choice has been made to upholster the seats in red velvet – the same material also used on the old TurboStar – with double rivets in light grey. The seats, as well as the cushions and the mattress, are embroidered with a revisitation of the classic IVECO logo, a logo that is also present in satin chrome on the glove compartment.

There is also plenty of room for personalisation – another highlight of the TurboStar range – thanks to a wide choice of accessories such as chrome-plated rims and door handles. Finally, the choice has also been made to include metallic enhancements on the grille and rear-view mirrors, as well as a bull bar on the bumpers and roof with additional headlights.

Iveco TurboStar: how the “King of the Road” was born

The TurboStar, the model from which the new IVECO S-Way TurboStar takes its inspiration, was presented in 1984 in Strasbourg as the first fully signed project of a company, IVECO, which had only recently been established. The idea was to create a truck suitable for long distances, with a redesigned chassis and a cab designed to be particularly comfortable. Produced in more than 50 thousand units, it was one of the best-selling trucks in Italy, as well as the most iconic thanks to its decorative stripes with three red, yellow and blue bands, like the company’s colors, added in 1984.

In the first version, the vehicle was equipped with a six-cylinder engine, the 190.33, which later became the “36” and a V8, the 190.42, but it was only in the 1980s that the more powerful T-range was added as standard. While, in 1992, the 190.48 Special HP was marketed, a model equipped with specific decorations and leather series.

And so it is that, by taking up some of the characteristic traits of the old TurboStar, the company has helped to strengthen the dialogue between past and present, in a union that finally gives new life to the truck most appreciated by truckers and that already looks set to be one of IVECO’s new best sellers.