New blog launched for Smet, between logistics and transport

New blog launched for Smet, between logistics and transport

Starting today, Smet’s new blog will become the reference point for reading the latest news about one of the leading transport companies in Salerno and throughout Italy. As part of a program of renewal of corporate communication, De Rosa’s Smet has decided to equip itself with a new communication tool. In step with the times, always keeping in mind the importance of communication with the outside world, Smet has equipped itself with a company blog where the latest news on logistics and transport will be reported, as well as the latest news coming directly from the company’s offices.

The new Smet blog: logistics and transport

The world of logistics and transport is constantly evolving. As Luigi De Rosa, sole director of Smet, knows, he has constantly innovated his company since he took over the family transport company. New markets, new sectors for which to organize efficient logistics, new means of transport to be used for faster and faster transports, in step with the times and with an eye always attentive to the environment. It is thanks to this attention to the latest developments that Smet is now one of the leading Italian companies in the logistics and transport sector.

What information will be made available in Smet’s blog

An attention that, now, the company intends to turn to the news in the world of communication. Aware of the importance of representing itself correctly towards its stakeholders, Smet has decided to set up a company blog. According to the company, this is a space where the most important news in the field of logistics and transport will be published. In addition, always in this space, you can find the latest news from the company: acquisitions of new markets, renewal of the company fleet, awards and all the main information about the company.