Overseas transport: Smet crosses the frontiers of logistics

Overseas transport: Smet crosses the frontiers of logistics

According to the latest Eurostat statistics, the volume of goods transported in Europe in 2014 was 3.524 billion tonnes per kilometre. These figures show how important it is for a company that wants to conquer other markets to have efficient logistics that can meet market demand.

To meet these efficiency requirements, Smet has developed a dense network of international partners. The contribution of each of these partners enables the company’s customers to send and receive their goods worldwide. This is the overseas service, to which Luigi De Rosa’s company has assigned a specific department made up of a staff of highly skilled professionals. A sector that is able to manage and monitor the transport of goods in door to port or even door to door. All this is done by constantly offering the tracking of all shipments. Let’s see in detail the services offered by Smet.

The overseas transport of Smet

It’s not easy to organise logistics for the handling of goods abroad or from abroad. In these cases, as everyone in the industry knows, business risks multiply exponentially. Relying on professionals in the field, therefore, is the best choice to get results in line with business expectations. Also for this reason, Smet Logistics has for some time been partnering with Grimaldi Lines, a well-known shipping company. Thanks to the technical support of companies like this one, and to the highly qualified staff assigned to the department, Smet has developed various services to offer its customers.

Documentation management and customs practices

One of the most important aspects, as far as transport and logistics are concerned, especially in the field of overseas transport, is the management of customs documentation and practices. Aware of this need, Smet logistics offers its customers assistance and advice on both the commercial and organizational aspects. In this respect, Luigi De Rosa’s company can manage the documentation: letters of credit, consular visas, certifications and everything else necessary for transport. Both in terms of insurance and customs matters. In particular, with regard to the latter, Smet can carry out customs, health and veterinary operations, depending on the goods transported.

Maritime transport FCL and LCL

Smet’s services also include both FCL and LCL maritime transport. The first, also known as full container load, indicates the sea transport of goods that depart from the customer’s warehouses already stored in containers. In this case, De Rosa’s company is essentially responsible for the transport, customs clearance of goods and delivery at destination. The second type of transport, called less than container load, is to indicate the transport of a quantity of goods such as not to fill a container. In this case, Smet will be responsible for combining these products with those of other companies, in order to fill the containers themselves.

General cargo and special services

The general cargo, also called break-bulk cargo, is a Smet service, which is aimed at those companies that need to ship goods in non-standard maritime containers, such as pallets, bales or crates. These are the so-called exceptional loads, also called project cargo, i.e. those goods that, due to their size, do not allow transport through standard containers. General cargo is also used with goods that do not allow the use of pumps and augers, but for which traditional cranes are necessary.

In addition to general cargo, Smet also offers a series of special services. For example, the dangerous goods transport service, called ADR or European Agreement concerning the international carriage of Dangerous goods by Road. These are the regulations governing the transport of dangerous goods, which require the adoption of special measures to prevent the risk of accidents. Express transport is also one of the special services that Smet makes available to its customers, in order to offer logistics that are increasingly tailored to the needs of the company.