Smet and Krone, agreement for 300 new maxi volume trailers

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Smet and Krone, agreement for 300 new maxi volume trailers

The SMET Group confirms once again its leadership in the intermodal transport sector. With an investment of about 10 million, starting from February 2021, the Group will receive three hundred of the new maxi volume eco trailers manufactured by Real Trailer Krone Italia.

SMET and Real Trailer Krone Italia for intermodal transport

«In such a delicate moment for our country and for the whole world, we choose to be optimistic and positive – said Domenico De Rosa, CEO of SMET Group – We believe in the economic recovery and we invest in intermodality, which in our opinion is the key to re-launch not only the transport sector but all productive sectors. The new eco trailers will allow us to strengthen our European intermodal network». The agreement recently signed with Real Trailer Krone Italia, in fact, will bring to the SMET Group as many as three hundred new trailers specifically designed for intermodal transport. These are semi-trailers that allow the transport of goods up to 3 meters in height and that, respecting the P400 profile, can be used both for sea and rail transport.

«I am satisfied, both as Real Trailer and as a representative of the German manufacturer Krone, with the agreement to supply 300 intermodal ribbed semi-trailers to the Smet Group, a point of reference in the Italian and European intermodal scene – commented Stefano Savazzi of Real Trailer – What makes us even more proud is the opportunity of a partnership for the supply of vehicles and for the technical support to the specific and particular needs of this large company».