Smet, first Iveco Stralis LNG delivered

The campaign to renew the fleet of vehicles for Smet continues. In fact, the first ten Iveco Stralis LNG vehicles have been delivered to the road haulage company in Salerno. The new liquefied natural gas-powered vehicles, strongly desired by the De Rosa family that runs the company, represent the first tranche of a three-year agreement signed between Smet and Iveco. The delivery of the Stralis was held at the ARA dealer in Parma, in the presence of Iveco Brand President, Pierre Lahutte, and Smet spa’s Sales Director, Domenico De Rosa.

Smet’s new Iveco Stralis

Consegnati i primi dieci Iveco Stralis LNG a Smet di De Rosa.

In recent months, the integrated logistics company had signed a contract which, within three years, will bring 330 new vehicles into its fleet. These include the new Iveco Stralis powered by the new Iveco Cursor 8, powered by liquid natural gas. Ten of the new ecological vehicles were delivered to Smet for transport last March in Parma.

This is an operation of great significance, not only in terms of investment, but also from an ecological point of view, as witnessed by the presence of Iveco’s Brand President, Pierre Lahutte: «Today’s delivery is recognition of Iveco’s farsightedness which, for over 25 years, has focused its investments on the search for technological solutions with a low environmental impact – said Lahutte – above all on natural gas, which represents the most concrete sustainable alternative to diesel».

Sustainable logistics by De Rosa’s SMET

The new Iveco Stralis LNG, equipped with a 510-litre cryogenic LNG tank and four 70-litre CNG cylinders, are able to maintain their power output, with 330 hp, and range of over 750 kilometres. All of this significantly reduces emissions of pollutants into the atmosphere and, in particular, of carbon dioxide. The latter is a result that goes precisely in the direction that Smet of De Rosa has been pursuing for some time. Since Luigi De Rosa took over the company more than forty years ago, the logistics company has always sought to achieve sustainable logistics through transport that produces a low environmental impact.

The future of sustainable transport at Smet.

The delivery of the first ten Iveco Stralis LNGs is just the beginning of Smet’s sustainable transport strategy. Together with the gas vehicles, the Salerno-based road haulage company will also receive the new Iveco Stralis equipped with the new Iveco Cursor 11 engine. This 480 hp engine is equipped with the innovative HI-SCR catalytic reduction system. Thanks to this measure, while not increasing the weight of the propulsive unit, Iveco manages to maintain the Cursor 11 within the stringent parameters of the Euro 6 standard.