Reduced emissions by 440 t thanks to Smet’s Iveco Stralis LNG

Smet‘s race towards sustainable transport continues. After the acquisition of the new Iveco Stralis LNG, powered by liquid natural gas and therefore less polluting, the company chaired by Luigi De Rosa has achieved another important result towards eco-sustainability. The analysis was presented at the LNG Conference in Naples, where a reduction in CO2 emissions of approximately 440 tonnes was illustrated.

Smet’s analysis of sustainable transpo

The analysis was conducted, as mentioned, its new Iveco Stralis LNG, which the company has recently purchased. The vehicles, which travel on the Turin-Mantova route, have measured a 15% reduction in CO2 emissions compared to a similar diesel vehicle and 10% compared to previous models of Stralis. Overall, therefore, a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions of approximately 440 tons of CO2 has been estimated over an average annual distance of 2,288,640 kilometers.
The reduction did not only affect emissions. The new Iveco Stralis also achieved positive results in terms of consumption. According to expert calculations, the Stralis LNG has achieved reductions of up to 15%.

Smet’s new fleet

Smet‘s new eco-sustainable fleet is the result of an agreement between the logistics and transport company and Iveco. Thanks to this agreement, Smet De Rosa has purchased 330 new Iveco Stralis, of which 25% are powered by liquefied natural gas. A strategic investment for the transport company in Salerno, which has always focused on solutions capable of achieving sustainable logistics.

De Rosa’s eco-sustainable strategy

Luigi De Rosa, owner of Smet, has been implementing policies of respect for the environment since the beginning of his activity. An attitude, that of the search for ecological transport solutions, which has also been carried out by De Rosa‘s children, such as Domenico, currently Managing Director of Smet.
Smet‘s CEO presented the results of the analysis during the LNG Conference: «We have always tried to operate with the utmost respect for the environment around us – said De Rosa – natural gas is the most ecological fuel, because it almost completely eliminates air pollutants, reduces CO2 emissions and in some cases even noise pollution. For this reason, as early as 2015, in partnership with Iveco, we decided to add more and more Iveco Stralis LNG to our fleet».
After the company’s investments, however, Smet’s managers also hope for a step forward from the institutions: «I hope we can soon increase the LNG fuel distribution network, whose lack of capillarity is undoubtedly a deterrent to the green turn for many operators in our sector – continued Domenico De Rosa – the EU has committed itself in this direction, strongly supporting the development of the distribution network: by 2025 the maximum distance between two filling stations may not exceed 150 km for the CNG and 400 km for the LNG».