The evolution of Smet Logistics also continues online

The evolution of Smet Logistics also continues online

Smet‘s evolution continues online as well. After 70 years of history, the company founded by Luigi De Rosa has travelled millions of kilometres by road, rail and sea. Always in step with the times, the company has been constantly renewed to offer an increasingly sustainable transport and logistics service. In recent times, corporate communication has also evolved, especially online, to offer a service that meets the needs of users who are increasingly attentive to the issues of the supply chain.

The online evolution of Smet Logistics

Today, to provide an even better service, Smet Logistics is inaugurating the evolution of its online communication. As in the transport sector, where the company has long since adopted the technology of LNG vehicles to reduce emissions, also in online communication has decided to equip itself with the latest technologies. A space, even easier to use, both by computer and smartphone, to better meet the needs of all users.

Sustainability, first of all

The evolution of Smet Logistica’s web space, right from the start, renews the company’s intentions, fishing in its seventy-year history: sustainability, first of all. A claim that is not accidental. It represents the company’s awareness of the fact that the future of the supply chain, and not only, is decided in the present.
Also for this reason, the Group has decided to launch a new hashtag: #SustainabilityFirst. Already these days, before the official announcement, this has been broadcast on the social channels of the event. The intention is to underline, once again, the Group’s commitment to environmentally sustainable freight transport and logistics. The hashtag will, of course, be used purely on the Group’s social channels, but its principle will be applied in every aspect of the company.

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In the design of the web space, greater emphasis was placed on the company’s editorial content. The last four news items to which the Group has decided to give space can already be read from the homepage. The decision to tell the story of the transport and logistics sectors from within, has long since rewarded the company in terms of transparency about its work. Among other things, the aim is to increase user awareness of supply chain issues that would otherwise be unknown to the general public.

Smet Logistics’ services

Smet Logistics‘ services were also given greater prominence. Behind the company’s ten-year history, in fact, there is not only a commitment to the present and the future. There is also a desire to concretely improve the offer of services, in order to make transport increasingly efficient, widespread and rapid. For this reason the company offers services of:

  • road: this is road transport, carried out thanks to a modern fleet, based on liquid natural gas vehicles;
  • rail: is intermodal rail transport, which exploits the potential of rail transport for even faster and safer deliveries;
  • short sea: is the intermodal maritime transport, which exploits the large transport capacities of our partners in the sector;
  • express: is the rapid transport of goods, able to make deliveries in any country within 24/48 hours;
  • logistics: it is the service that allows to structure a modern management of the warehouses, both in regime of 3PL, and 4PL;
  • freight forwarding: international freight transport, based on intermodal rail transport to reduce shipping times;
  • project cargo: this is door-to-door transport of goods for both exports and imports by air and sea carriers;
  • overseas: is the door to door or door to door transport of goods for the import and export of goods worldwide;
  • customs clearance: this is the service that offers the possibility of entrusting all the bureaucratic formalities for the customs clearance of goods.

Services that the Group provides in various sectors, from the Automotive Sector to the Glass Sector, passing through the Food Sector and the Cold Sector.
All this and much more represents the evolution of the Group. A change that will not stop today, but that will continue in the future. Always with a single objective: sustainability, first of all.