Naturgy Foundation, the convenience of natural gas

Naturgy Foundation Ing

Naturgy Foundation, the convenience of natural gas

The evolution of the species promoted by Smet has also landed in Spain. During the conference on the competitiveness and sustainability of vehicles powered by natural gas, organized by the Naturgy Foundation, the country manager of Smet Spain, Portugal and Morocco, Alessandro Guerra, confirmed the Group’s commitment to reconverting its fleet with vehicles powered by liquid natural gas.

The seminar organized by the Naturgy Foundation

The seminar, which was held last November 12, was dedicated to the most modern technological solutions used to implement liquid natural gas. It was organized in collaboration between the Naturgy Foundation and the College of Economists of Catalonia. Joep Armengol, director of TMB, a company that manages transport in the Barcelona metropolitan area, Antonio Calvo, head of Seat for the Sustainable Mobility sector, and Alessandro Guerra, country manager Spain, Portugal and Morocco for Smet, also took part in the event. “For us it is essential to promote days like these – said Martì Solà, general manager of the Naturgy Foundation – where experts help us to analyze the best alternatives to make cities more sustainable”. Each for the company he represented, therefore, brought his own experience.

Smet’s liquid natural gas freight fleet

«”The plan provides for an investment of about 50 million for the production of 3,200 loading units and 1,000 sustainable tractors – said Guerra – the European Union calls for a 30% reduction in carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere by 30% by 2030. In the last two years, Smet has already replaced 15% of its trucks with vehicles fuelled by liquid natural gas. It is no mystery, in fact, that by 2022 the Group will complete its plan to convert its fleet, by disposing of all vehicles not powered by LNG. A process that has already involved Spain, with the delivery of the first Iveco Stralis NP400.

Public passenger transport to LNG promoted by TMB

«Since 2000, when the project began – says Josep Armengol of TMB – methane buses have given cleaner air in Barcelona, due to low emissions of NOx and PM». The advantage, however, has not only been in the environmental field: «From the point of view of the operator – he continues – has been a guarantee of reliability in service, at costs similar to or lower than those of diesel».

Private mobility using liquid natural gas according to Seat

«Mobility with natural gas is currently one of the most efficient solutions, being twice as eco-friendly – explains Antonio Calvo of Seat – ecological on the one hand, because it offers low emissions, and economic on the other, because the cost per kilometer of a vehicle powered by natural gas is up to 50% less than gasoline and about 30% less than diesel». The time is ripe, therefore, to think about buying LNG vehicles: “The technology of vehicles powered by natural gas is already sufficiently developed, as well as safe and affordable – he continues – the prices of vehicles that use this technology are very similar to those of a conventional vehicle today.