Smet Spain, first tranche of Iveco Stralis NP 400 coming soon

Smet Spain, first tranche of Iveco Stralis NP 400 coming soon

Smet’s commitment to sustainable transport also continues in Spain. In the past few days, Smet Spain has acquired the first ten Iveco Stralis LNG vehicles in the NP 400 series. These are innovative vehicles fuelled by natural gas, which reduce emissions that are harmful to the environment.

Ten new Iveco Stralis NP 400

The new Iveco Stralis NP 400, purchased by De Rosa’s Smet Spanish subsidiary, is designed for long-distance use, with power equivalent to that of diesel-powered vehicles. In particular, the new NP 400s are equipped with the Iveco Cursor 9 propulsion unit. An 8.7-litre engine, powered by natural gas, capable of developing 400 hp and a maximum torque of 1,700 Nm. In addition, Smet Spain’s Iveco NP 400s are equipped with a 12-speed automatic transmission for the first time in a natural-gas-powered truck. The Stralis NP 400’s automatic transmission ensures lower fuel consumption and greater driving comfort for drivers.

Smet Group’s commitment to the environment

With eight branches in Italy and five in Europe, Smet is aware that it plays a key role in protecting the environment. For this reason, together with Iveco, the transport and logistics group with a 70-year history has launched a campaign to acquire natural gas-powered vehicles, the so-called LNG. The acquisition of the new Iveco Stralis NP 400 by Smet Spain, in fact, is just the last step on the road to sustainable logistics, which has seen the acquisition of hundreds of vehicles powered by environmentally friendly fuels. A path that, of course, will continue into the future.