Smet and Mecar, together for the future of transport

Smet and Mecar, together for the future of transport

The future of transport is decided in the present. For this reason, once again, Smet and logistics.

The evolution of the species: the future of transport

To show their future objective, Smet and Mecar have entrusted a video with the message entitled The evolution of transport. Once slow and polluting, the transports of the future must necessarily set themselves the objective of defending a planet, our planet, which is increasingly fragile and at risk. In fact, every day pollution kills 9 million people. This is why it is increasingly necessary to use more sustainable transport technologies. This is the case with natural gas vehicles, such as Iveco Stralis LNG, which can help reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 25% and NOx particles by 90%.

The message adopted for the campaign is therefore a strong one. It aims to raise awareness among institutions, governments and competitors of the need for a precise change of course. «In recent decades we have transported all kinds of goods. With ever larger, faster, more powerful means, helping to shape the world in which we live. Now it seems to us smaller, but also more fragile. Are we still on the right track? Today we are planning a different future, with new ideas for sustainable logistics. On all the main European lines, ready to integrate exponential innovation with respect for the planet. This is our vision for the future».

Mecar, Smet’s business partner

Mecar has been operating in the transport sector for over sixty years. The company, in fact, was founded in 1952 at the behest of engineer Francesco Ferrajoli. Its objective, despite being a lover of sports cars, was to propose mechanical means for a still agricultural economy. The transformations of that period gave Ferrajoli’s company a strong impulse.

The first office in the province of Salerno, in fact, was the springboard for the company, which today can count on a dense network of branches covering the entire south. In particular, today Mecar is present in the province of Potenza, Reggio Calabria and, of course, in Campania. In addition, the company can count on a network of 26 authorized workshops and five spare parts warehouses.

smet e mecar

Due to this great professionalism, in recent years, De Rosa’s Smet has chosen Mecar as its business partner. It is in collaboration with this large company that Smet acquired 120 Iveco Stralis Euro 6 tractors in 2015. Always in collaboration with Mecar, Smet has also acquired the innovative Iveco Stralis LNG, vehicles fuelled by liquefied natural gas, which winks at eco-sustainable logistics.